“She did meticulous and examined the deep-rooted mental-emotional reasons behind negative eating habits.”


Shereen is great to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who not only wants to improve their nutrition but also wants to do so in tandem with all other dimensions of their health – mental, emotional, social, etc. .


Shereen was caring and concerned about me personally. She listened to all aspects of my physical health as well as how past traumas may have impacted me. She has a high-level intuitive instinct in helping with getting to a root cause. She helped me get tremendous success in tackling some major gut issues. Shereen was very supportive, warm, and encouraging in the process.


I have worked with Shereen for the past 3 months and it has been a fantastic experience. Prior to working with her, I was struggling with symptoms of chronic fatigue and brain fog, as well as weight loss. I was in the midst of a tough transition out of college and into my first job, away from family and friends. I was experiencing overwhelming stress/anxiety and suffered from a constant feeling of being unwell, both mentally and physically. Shereen’s approach to care was the driving factor in turning my health around and making me feel like myself again. Our weekly sessions covered topics across the board from techniques to self-regulate stress and anxiety to supplementation for optimal health and detox. Shereen does an incredible job with creating a comfortable environment to discuss mental and physical health and has given me the tools and foundational knowledge to continually improve my health.


It was a wonderful experience working with Shereen. She did a thorough analysis of my bloodwork and provided insight for me to follow up with my physician which aligned with her analysis. Shereen recommended a supplemental nutrition plan that was helpful in aiding my recovery time and increasing my endurance.


What can I say about Shereen? She is so pleasant to work with. She took the time to talk with me to understand what my concerns were with my gut health. I was tired of going to the doctors and explaining my gut situation just for them to tell me to take this medication or that medication to help me feel better but not how to correct what I’m doing wrong (without meds). With Shereen’s help and guidance, my gut health is so much better than it was. If ever you have a question, she is available and will get you the information. Without Shereen’s assistance, I would not have known what I needed to do to get my gut back in balance. I would totally recommend Shereen! Thank you.